Have you ever felt restless ?

Trying to think?  but you found negative space resting in your mind.

In the time where human evolution is at its peak, and our daily life has been made easier by the technological advancements. Yet we go through mental breakdowns, anxiety and other mental disease that keeps us hunting for the rest of our life.

So the obvious question would be,

Is there any solution to get rid of these problems?

Is there any hope?

Is there any things that can light some brightness in my life?


And the answer is “yes, there is.”.

We may have confronted this term quite a few times in our life.


So what is yoga ?

How is it the only solution to keep our mental state in balance?

Yoga is a discipline and an art to control our own mind and guide it in the path of peace. Yoga is generally seen as some sort of exercise by the wide array of masses. But in true words it is not only an exercise but a lifestyle that benefit us to envision our life from a broader perspective which we never envisioned by making us physically and mentally healthy. We humans are physical, mental and spiritual beings, yoga helps to form a bond between all these by balancing them. It is more than just stretching a body or holding the breathe.

So, for this purpose of finding our true self’s, Easternpills has been originated. Easternpills will gift us with the yogic secrets from East , That will

Keep us not in unreality, but make us go towards the Reality 

Keep us not in darkness, but make us go towards the Light 

                                   Keep us not in world of mortality, but make us go towards the world of immortality