What does Tamsik food do?


We all know healthy diet leads to healthy life. Today number of people lose control over food. Every one wants to eat healthy and stay fit, But knowingly or unknowingly they end up eating junk foods. We become what we eat. Our body is getting manifested from different source of food available. These constituents reach every nook and corner of our body to form muscles, repair tissues and provide energy.

Thank god, In Yogic culture. Our ancient sages have worked their best to classify what to eat and what not to. And this classification have always helped number of people attaining sound life. Sattvic, Raja sic and Tamasic.

Sattvic means purity it leads to pure health, harmony and well-being. Rajasic diets leads to stress, anger, activity and restlessness. Tamasic diet leads to dullness, laziness and lethargy.

What are Tamasic food?

  • Meat, fish, egg, animal fat.
  • Stale, rotten, expired and stinking food
  • Intolerably hot and cold food
  • Chemically processed food
  • Food that are minimal in nutrients.
  • Not fully grown or developed fruits and vegetables.
  • Alcoholic beverage
  • cigarette smoking, pot smoking
  • Marijuana, hash and other addictive drugs.
  • Food bought with bad money( i.e money earned with wrong intention).

What does Tamasic food do?

  • It creates negative environment in your body where diseases start to originate.
  • It lead to faster aging.
  • It disturbs your calmness and can lead to undisciplined behavior, fear, sexual crime, corruptive thoughts
  • It increases anger and aggression.

Allopathic medicine are also tamasic. Unless you are compelled to have such medicine for some health reason, keep yourself away from tamasic food. 





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