Why you shouldn’t eat Rajasic diet?


Three diet system of yoga; Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic can make confusion on those who are new to Yoga. Question like why should we follow sattvic diet and resist Rajasic and tamasic diet? is very common to arise in a yoga practitioner’s mind. Without talking more let us jump directly to Rajasic diet.

Why no Rajasic Diet?

  • It enhance ego and egoism.
  • It intensify wrath and rage in your behavior.
  • Jealousy, selfishness, fear get birth with Rajasic diet.
  • It makes person more materialist.
  • These kind of food are slowly digested.
  • Agni or bioenergy present in the Jathara (stomach and duodenum) called Jatharagni get decreased with such food.
  • It weakens your control over your senses.

What kind of food are Rajasic food ?

  • Extremely hot, oily, sour, spicy
  • Deep fried
  • Food cooked by giving more emphasis to taste rather than health.
  • Color added foods
  • Food bought with bad money( money earned with wrong intention)

Yoga practitioner’s must follow sattvic diet in order to get success in their yogic journey.

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